For the past few days, I haven’t been blogging and tracking my progress. I have no excuses for that. So I just need to move forward from here.

Things that went wrong today? Why?:

Time. Time is always one factor that we don’t have the luxury. I have lots of things to do today that I wasn’t able to do. As expected, this will snowball sooner than I think. That’s why there’s a To-Do List. I need to make it appoint that I finish my daily tasks.

Things that went right today. Why?

Well, there’s always a bright side to my life today. I’d say the highlight for today is finding myself applying the things that I have recently learned and doing away with the things that are not good for my growth. In doing this, there seem to be more opportunities in every turn that I make.

Final thought:

I call this day “Breaking the Norm.” Today, all those things that keep me from being comfortable are coming back to me to say that I need them. Like? Buying stuff that I don’t seem to need now. Like.. taking my sweet time in doing urgent matters. Like.. the notion that people are better off having a 9-5 stint.

Comfort kills. I’m not just telling this to you, I’m telling it to myself. I’m writing it down to remind myself. Comfort kills.

I will never reach my full potential if I don’t stay at the edge of things. If I stay at my comfort zone, I know that all this million dollar goal will go down the drain faster than I think.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, T. Harv Eker, Donald Trump, Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan, etc etc.. they all broke the norm. That’s what made them great. That’s what will make me great.

Comfort kills… comfort kills.


After shedding off 10kg last year, I ‘ve decided to keep putting myself into the best shape that I can have. You see, losing weight (like any other goals) is more of a mental test. Everyone can do, all you really need to do is DO IT.

So what I do to keep myself from slacking is to remind myself that at my age, being healthy is one of the top priorities. I take time to catch Hallmark’s Biggest Loser series.. like the current Biggest Loser Asia.

What I’m blogging now is about the recent episode called “Water Works.

Hats off to all the contestants for their efforts in keeping themselves in the competition. But this particular episode, I think, is supposed to have been won by the Red Team.

Base on what I saw, they all pull their own weights to keep themselves away from the elimination. And it almost worked when they all lost 4Kg each.

The Blue Team were behind 5Kg. That’s 5Kg. The Blue Team’s hardest working contestant, David, just weighed 3Kg less than his previous. Then came Tony who surprisingly lost 10Kg.

Yep, you read that right. Ten Kilograms. Six kilos less than the Red Team combined. And from the episode, he did show that he’s keeping up with his team in jumping right back into the contest after his hospitalization. But come on, don’t you think that his recent operation made him lose that much weight?

I’m sad to see that Nadia was voted off the Red Team. It just made the Filipinos looked like they’re really into their alliance even though Carlo said that there are no alliances. I think Nadia has more will than Christine.

Anyway, I guess that’s showbiz.

Good luck to the Red and Blue teams then.

Things that went wrong today? Why?:

Complaining of some stuff but managed to keep it to minimal. Anyways, glad I was able to shift my mindset. Oh, and I forgot about Day 7.

Things that went right today? Why?:

Learned a lot today. And things are starting to go my way too. So the law of attraction is starting to bear its fruits.

Final thought:

Okay.. where’s Day 7? Here’s the thing. Sunday is our rest day. Supposedly, we’re to just chill and enjoy our time with the kids.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But sad to say, I should’ve known better that I could have used a part of the day to plan for the week. I should always make most of the time even when we’re to just rest from work.

If I’m to be successful, I should make most of time even just to do planning. Also, I need to remind myself that there’s always someone who’s goal is to better anyone else.

So gotta keep myself focused.

Rich Idiot: Day 6

January 16, 2010

Things that went wrong today? Why?:

Unable to close (or even come near to closing) a client in Tampines. I don’t believe in hard-selling. If the house is really that good, I think it would sell itself. Is that a wrong belief? I need to learn more about this.

Things that went right today? Why?:

We closed a client this morning.. plus, this means a referral fee to a dear friend. Meaning, we’re blessed to have friends like them. We hope there’s more to come.

Final thought:

Just keep sending positive energy. Just keep on praying for good things to happen. Just keep on believing that blessings are meant to those who truly deserve it. Just keep on working better at what we do best.

I need to learn more.

Things that went wrong today? Why?:Things that went wrong today? Why?:

Rich Idiot: Day 5

January 15, 2010

Things that went wrong today? Why?:

Life. I wish I know why.

Things that went right today? Why?:

The end of the day. Because there’s always hope that tomorrow’s is something different than today.

Final thought:

No complaining allowed. Looking forward to a new day.

Rich Idiot: Day 4

January 14, 2010

Things that went wrong today? Why?:

Still can’t get my act all together. Work, getting fit, eating right, learning/unlearning, entrepreneurship, mini-me moments… but I’m still hopeful I’ll do better tomorrow.

Things that went right today? Why?:

I wasn’t able to wake up early today but manage to go to gym during lunch. The transfer pricing breakdown that I noticed (and I’m alone in this one) was brought up in the meeting this afternoon. I took Eker’s advice to study successful people’s lives. I did. I managed to find Donald Trump’s Millionaire Inside interview. Noticed that Trump has a different perspective, but the core is the same.  DO IT. JUST DO IT. Get in the game.

Plus, I found 5cents lying around the floor of an mrt station. I took it, I thanked God for it, and I’m sure many more blessings are to come.

Final thought:

Be consistent. Stay focused. It’s not an easy goal, but It’s neither far from reach. Remember, the greatest obstacle is myself.

Rich Idiot: Day 3

January 13, 2010

What happened to Day 2? I fell asleep early last night. Sorry.

Things that went wrong today? Why?:

I didn’t wake up early for gym.. I wasn’t able to go to the gym.. I didn’t eat on time.. I ate a lot late this night. I just felt I had to break a lot of good habits today. Why? I just didn’t feel it was important today.

Things that went right today? Why?:

I put into action 2 things I want to achieve this year. 1) I started to ask for support in the office for the charity event I’ve been supporting since 2006. I was directed to another person. Felt rejected but am not going to stop from there.

I sent an email to my friends about investing in real estate. Felt good that I am now in the position to share things. I just wish that someone told me before the things I know now. I feel that time should be spent wisely.

I have to keep T. Harv Eker’s audio book playing every now and then. I should learn more about successful people.

Final thought:

Just to keep on putting my best foot forward. In every 20 “nos”, I’m sure I’ll get a “yes” soon. I’m sure it’s going to be a good feeling and a stepping stone towards being a millionaire.